Unopened GI Joe 25th Anniversary Collection

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    deal pending

    ** Price LOWERED!

    FS in Texas - New and unopened 25th Anniversary GI Joe Collection. These came out several years ago, and the value has gone up some.

    I bought a few GI Joe toys, hoping my son would grow into them, and love some of the toys I liked as a kid. Unfortunately, he only likes Avengers and Star Wars (laugh).

    Anyway - These items have never been opened and all have been kept in a closet. Smoke free home. In the exact same condition as it was at the store!



    If you are interested in everything, please email me at if interested. Looking for $300 before shipping.

    **** EDIT - PRICE LOWERED TO $275 + shipping (if necessary)

    I am willing to ship if you pay shipping.

    Vehicles Included:

    - Cobra Fang & Cobra Claw (With Cobra Viper & Cobra Pilot)
    - VAMP with Double Clutch
    - RAM Cycle & Cobra Flight Pod (with Televiper & Breaker)
    - SHARC Tooth & Deep Six
    - Firebat Jet with AVAC
    - Sting Raider With Copperhead

    Figures Included are:

    - Bazooka Figure
    - Snake Eyes with Timber
    - Ninja Storm Shadow
    - Firefly
    - Warrant Officer Flint
    - Barbecue
    - Blowtorch
    - Duke
    - Tripwire & Cobra Commander comic Pack
    - Crimson Guard & Scarred Cobra Officer Comic Pack
    - Revenge of Cobra 3 Figure pack (Lady J, Roadblock and Destro & Weather Dominator & DVD)

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