unfired, .308 /7.62NATO PTR 91 pistol $1150 TRADED

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by NWRed, Aug 5, 2013.

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    Offering my unfired, .308 /7.62NATO PTR 91 pistol up for sale. I purchased this new and still havent shot it. Comes with the factory hard case, factory paperwork and 1 20 round G3 aluminum mag. My plans have changed and this is just taking up space right now.

    $1150 FTF, open to cash and partial trades or if you have enough things I'd like I'd be open to a straight trade.

    Open to partial trades for: PLUS CASH AS NEEDED
    nice shape/new Arsenal side folding AK
    unconverted Saiga or Vepr in .223 or 5.45
    a used $300 MARLIN .30-30 or .357 Mag ( NO interest in Winchesters)
    Crimson Trace laser guard for a Kahr CW9
    $300 used Kahr 9mm (CW9 or K9)
    $400 used Glock/Sig/ M&P/Beretta 92/XD pistols
    Mossberg MVP in .223
    Savage Hog Hunter in .308 or other Savage threaded muzzle .308

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