Undoing Washingtons's I-594

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    I hear a lot of talk of I-594 and I received a letter today that some of you may have already seen. It's a WASHINGTON STATE GUN OWNER ACTION ALERT, associated(I assume), with my Lifetime Membership to Second Amendment Foundation of WA . If you are unsure what you could do personally to help, this offers at least some suggestion. Warning: While you do not have to leave the couch, it does require a telephone for best effect:

    "A bipartisan group of 41 representatives led by Rep. Matt Shea introduced House Bill 2164 last Thursday - an effort to remedy some of the worst excesses of the I-594 gun control scheme and largely exempts domestic violence victims with temporary or permanent restraining orders against their abuser, concealed pistol license holders (already background checked when they obtain their CPL), law enforcement officers, and reserve and serving members of the military from the onerous and expensive provisions of I-594.

    Other bills in the 2015 session also targeted the many serious flaws of I-594 - including common sense House Bill 1533 (that exempted museums and historical societies from expensive I-594 background checks) – went unheard as the House Judiciary Committee became the place that sensible gun laws went to die.

    Contact your state legislators using the toll free legislative hotline 1-800-562-6000 or this link:

    House Judiciary Chair Rep. Laurie Jinkins 360-786-7930 killed almost every simple common sense gun measures proposed by refusing to allow them even a hearing in her committee, let alone a vote – while any bill further infringing on the civil rights of gun owners and enthusiasts breezed through unobstructed.

    Adina Hicks, Executive Director of Protect Our Gun Rights Washington, commented “HB 2164 would remedy the worst of the damage caused by I-594, in a way that even 594 supporters and Bloomberg acolytes should support – given their repeated assurances that I-594 would not affect any of the individuals that HB 2164 attempts to protect, they certainly shouldn’t object to taking steps to guarantee their statements.”

    Hicks continued, “We are deeply grateful for the efforts of Rep. Shea and his colleagues in crafting this measure and the grass-roots activists vigorously contacting their legislators have been vital to our efforts to restore and protect the fundamental right to keep and bear arms in Washington, even as we are disappointed at the obstinate refusal of the House Judiciary chair, Rep. Laurie Jinkins to allow fair hearings or votes in her committee on bills protecting the basic civil rights of gun owners and enthusiasts.”

    Concluding, Hicks commented “I strongly encourage supporters to contact both their own Representatives and Representative Jinkins regarding HB 2164 and other pro-rights bills. Participation is a vital piece of our democracy and it is long past time for supporters of the right to keep and bear arms to raise their voices”

    EDIT: Sorry for the extra "s" in the title. I am aware of it and working on a solution with the assistance of the local Grammar Police.
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    I just wrote to Rep. Takko, Rep. Blake and Sen. Hatfield....:)

    Who's writin' NEXT!!! :s0004::s0026:
    C'mon, peeps!! Get a move on!!! :s0132:

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