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    Questions about David Carradine's death have led many to assume that he was murdered.

    What initally looked like a suicide, the death of David Carradine is now believed to have been accidental. When asked, a representative told the media that David Carradine was hung accidentally by his neck and other body parts- the natural assumption from this statement is that he was engaged in some sort of auto-erotic asphyxiation.

    There is evidence that David was not alone in the hotel room at the time of his death, but the other party has either not come forward or has not been named. Speculation that David Carradine was murdered is just that - speculation.

    Auto-erotic asphyxiation is a sexual act that involves choking or otherwise cutting off the blood flow to one's head during sexual contact; it is considered very dangerous as these kinds of accidents are all too common.

    In any case, I think we should be celebrating this man's life, not making light of his death; it has to be very embarassing for his family.


    Actor David Carradine, the star of everyone's favorite 'Kung Fu', has been found dead in his hotel room - and it appears the actor may have been murdered or accidentally killed.

    David Carradine, who starred in Kill Bill, was found dead in his Bangkok hotel room yesterday morning at the age of just 72 - and it appears he may have been engaged in sexual activity at the time of his death.

    David was in Bangkok to shoot a movie but when he did not show up to the set, a maid was sent to his room. The maid found David's naked body in a closet with rope around his neck and body. David's manager said of his unexpected death: "I talked to him last week and he was in good spirits. It's just shocking."

    Amidst rumors of a suicide, Tiffany Smith, who managed David alongside Chuck Binder, said: "I can tell you 100 percent that he would have never committed suicide. He was too full of life."

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    This is so sad; it's just like what happened to Mulder in the X-files...
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    I actually got to meet him a few times. I went to high school with his daughter. She was a raging c*nt though.
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    "Your kung fu is weak, old man."

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