Undermining National Security - This is not a good start for the new year

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    What the H......

    Security concerns raised amid surge in US arms deals abroad | Fox News


    With very little public debate, the Obama administration has embarked on a course that could undermine U.S. national security," the Center for International Policy cautioned in a report earlier this year, citing efforts to loosen export controls.

    The sharp uptick in sales from U.S. weapons manufacturers has been tracked by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. According to its database, sales to foreign buyers rose from $6.9 billion in 2009 to more than $8.7 billion in 2012.

    The United States now accounts for nearly one-third of all global arms sales.

    And not by accident.

    The Obama administration has launched a comprehensive effort to reform its own export rules -- effectively making it easier for defense companies to sell abroad. Plus, according to a report in the Boston Globe, administration officials now are personally lobbying foreign leaders to buy everything from warships to missiles.
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    All the while, the US is buying choppers from Russia.....hmmm.
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    The military industrial complex is all about profit for the .001% and poverty for you. They don't care a less about borders and boundaries. If you have the funds, they have the missile/tank, you name it.

    If sales incite some war, that is great, just more profit. All those no-bid Iraqi contracts turned millionaires into billionaires while the gullible pee-ons that went to war to do the right thing inherited bad dreams, a wheelchair, or death.

    There is a reason it is called a Theater of War. It literally is a theater of enjoyment. Every missile fired, every bomb dropped is big money acquired.

    Shock and awe should be renamed Its Raining Money. For them, not you. You get a bankrupt economy, lower standard of living, no job, no future.
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    Obama = Treason
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