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Under served niche in the firearms world?

The free market is normally pretty good about filling a market demand, but there are often spots in any that aren't fully served.

In the world of firearms, what product, service, etc., do you think is need of better options?

Thanks. :)
I daily carry my 3" 1911 in my front pocket & leather just isn't stiff enough to keep from sagging--a more ridgid front pocket holster I would buy:rolleyes:
Less expensive suppressors would be great! Since the Feds want to tack on $200 to the price, lower priced suppressors would be useful. They wouldn't have to be made out of high priced unobtainium materials that will withstand 20,000 rounds. Just useful for a nightstand gun.
I have a few items I'd like to see more of. The first is small gun boxes, or gun box mounts, that allow use in a variety of automobiles. Outside of trucks and a handful of SUV's often used by police, there are zero to no options for gun storage that don't suck for even the highest selling vehicles in the country. This is a prime opportunity being missed. Think Scosche kits for gun boxes, at least. A cable does not make the case universal. Second is a standard way to illustrate how holsters fit a variety of body styles with a variety of guns and locations. It's being done for clothes, why not holsters? Third is a better range bag. I bring different "sets" of guns every time I go shooting, and have to repack my range bag every time. Why not a bag set up for the basics, and add on bags for a variety of applications? There's some tool bags like that appearing on the market, but they're not suited for range bag duty.
I am 78, part of a large and growing demograhic. As with others I am left with rather poor hand strength. Would like to see simple (like my mind) concealable self-defense revolvers designed for us demented Old Guys. Might even sell a few to the ladies as well.

I carry a S&W snubbie, double action .38. Like it, but accurate shooting is difficult for me, with that very heavy double action pull.

Carry a revolver because I am not a policeman or ex-military, don't know how I really would respond to a threat. I do suspect that along with fine motor skills, my "fine thinking skills" might be diminished.

I like Pull-Trigger-BOOM. Personally reluctant to depend on fiddlewithsafety-whoopsjustdroppedthemagazine-isitloadewithexactlythecartridge-thatwillfunctioninit.

Pull trigger BOOM. Pull trigger with old weak hands. BOOM

From my Senile perspective young guys like to use the most complicated device available. Admit, such is not for me.



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