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Under served niche in the firearms world?


Reproduction magazines for the various department store 22's, or any older gun with a magazine in .22lr... because triple k and pro mag aren't doing much of anyone a "service"...
Escutcheons sold in small quantities (probably another hassle)...
A few things:

More semi auto, revolver, derringer mouse guns with a wood/metal design instead of polymer.

3-shot, slimmed down pocket revolvers.
Could be thin and different enough to sell depending on the price point.

More upper systems for the Mac-11 type pistols. I guess there is a small market for the full auto guys. I think a company making the inexpensive pistol lowers could utilize the brace fad and make cool things happen with uppers. 10/22 mag compatible 22’s, 5.7, various pistol calibers.. hell even 5.56, 7.62x39.. with the right design and engineering lots of creative things could be had as they are with AR and its lower. But crappier. :D

HK33/C93/etc rifles/pistols that accept AR mags. That was the only reason I traded mine off.. the lack of affordable, reliable quality magazines. Cheap yet solid A3 style stocks for them as well.
Lightweight highly accurate longer range .22 rimfire handguns.

I have always been dismayed and bewildered by the fact that we have these sub 20 ounce revolvers and semi-auto pistols for centerfire cartridges, including 9mm and .357 magnum, but when it comes to .22 RF, they come out with heavy barrel handguns made completely of stainless steel.

Yeah, if someone can handle an 18 ounce LCR in .357 mag, they can handle something of equivalent weight in .22 RF. They don't necessarily need a 40 ounce handgun to control the rip roaring recoil of .22 RF. What they want is something that is accurate yet light. Something like a Buckmark in target configuration (i.e., 6" barrel and a rail for a scope), but under 2 pounds weight so that with the scope it is still significantly lighter than a rifle.


More options for rimfire handguns pistol brace. Like something for a Buckmark or Ruger or S&W Victory.

Or for that matter, centerfire target handguns.

Aero Denezol

Mil-surp collectors are underserved, at least here in the Willamette Valley. If I want to buy ammo or accessories, I am forced to shop online. There are enough guys out there running around with M1 Garands and 03/A3 Springfields, you'd think it'd be easy to find a reasonably priced box of M2 ball or a 1907 sling.
Where is the service to make Glocks less ugly??? Just sayin they should look as good as they are reliable........;)

(tongue firmly planted in cheek)

The world is full of kings and queens, who blind your eyes and steal your dreams. It's Heaven and Hell.....
More weird imports (lithgows, zastavas, etc). Toggle bolt rimfires, a Galil copy of some kind, how about an ak pistol brace thats make to look like a triange folder so krink builds don't need tax stamps.



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