Unconverted Saiga .223/5.56 with 12 Galil mags (see ad)

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    I've got a used (but in darn new condition) unconverted Saiga .223/556 with 12 Galil mags (8 steel, 4 Tapco)

    I traded for this a while ago and was going to convert it and make it my own. However I haven't the time nor money for that right now. The previous owner JB welded a Bullet guide on. The BG is a low impact part so the forces of the rounds feeding from the mag into the chamber via the bolt wont be an issue, BUT it may come loose after a while (700-2500 rounds as some report)

    The JB welded bullet guide can be whacked off then welded OR you can just drill and tap it and go from there.
    Again, this isn't at all why I'm selling it. Heck if I wasn't moving away from non 7.62x39 AKs I'd keep her.
    (My Saiga .308 will be up for sale here one day)

    Now for the interesting part, because this is an unconverted Saiga 922r plays a role in not being able to legally use the galil mags until you have enough US made parts in the rifle OR a deduction of foreign parts.
    That being said, The almost new (The steel galil mags are used but in very good condition) and brand new Tapco galil mags cannot be technically sold "with" the rifle so it'll be a non-separated "separate" sale.
    Meaning the mags stick with the rifle, but I've told you that you cannot use them in the said rifle until its converted and you agree to the terms.

    The mags are priced at $22 per steel galil (Again great condition) and $11.50 per (NEW) tapco.. those are the best prices you'll find on them anywhere right now. If there are any currently IN STOCK anywhere else I'll match that price.. but I doubt you'll find a better deal on the magazines.

    The rifle, (because of the ugly but VERY functional JB welded bullet guide) and because you might want to go about welding or drilling and tapping the bullet guide and that may or may not be extra work for you is priced at $415
    I traded at a value of $430 (Yes a little high) However these aren't in stock anywhere online or in most if not all local stores for much under that price given possible shipping, transfer fees (Both online fees) and a background check.
    The last time I saw these for sale while in-stock online was for $365-385 and for MUCH more than that at your local gun shop. So I feel the price is very fair.
    $25 is going to NWF

    Trades for:
    Wasr 10/63, Draco pistol, V51 pistol (plus cash from me), 556 complete A2 upper with standard fixed sights (16 or 20"), also 556 dissipator upper (carbine gas tube length) Taurus PT 92 with rail, Taurus PT1911 with rail, 4-6" taurus .357, Bersa Thunder, other small 9's, 40's or .45s, C93/HK93/HK33 magazines or an HK33/93 A3 stock, 7.62x39 ammo (cheap stuff or AMERICAN brass), .223 ammo (cheap stuff or brass) .308 ammo (only the cheap stuff) I won't value ammo at "panic prices"

    I'm located in the Aloha/Hillsboro area and work two jobs so travel outside of the following is for serious buyers only:
    Aloha, Portland (NOT SE), Beaverton, Tualatin, Hillsboro, Banks, Forest Grove
    ^Those are the only areas I'm willing to drive to unless you pay for my gas. Sorry, but my time is money.

    Oregon residents FTF only, must show OR ID but no paper work is needed. Willing to sign yours if you choose but you must bring your own. :thumbup:

    I've got a boat load of pictures if interested so feel free to PM me for picture texts OR shoot me an email:
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    I'll take it. PM sent.
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