Uncle Mike's size 4 Holster

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    Hello friends,
    Here it is. DSCN9102.JPG

    Ideally we can trade for this. I do have my eyes open for a revolver to fit this, so if I find the revolver first then I'll keep it.

    Here is my standard trade list- I am aware that it includes items of widely varying value. :thumbup:

    Items I am looking for in trade:
    .22 revolver holsters
    Reloading Press, dies.
    Ammunition, brass, reloading components in .357, 9mm, .40 S&W, 7.62x54R, 7.62x39, 30.06., .308
    Ammunition in 22 Rimfire
    Long guns and/or short guns in above calibers. SKS's are interesting.
    I am a Mosin Nagant fan, and in fact a bit of a "little kid in a candy store" for any working military surplus rifle.

    For some reason, some folks are annoyed :argue: by "No cash, just trades please." Not sure why.
    I find a trade to be more interesting. No offense to you fellows who prefer green paper, but I lean towards trades.

    I will manage my postings and remove them as soon as possible after completing a deal.
    I will read and appreciate any and all helpful feedback.

    Let's stand up for each other, brethren. :drink:

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