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    I hope this isn't inapproiate as I haven't posted here much yet but here is the deal. I had knee surgery 8 weeks ago and just found out I won't be able to work for a year to year and half and I am fighting with the veterans affairs to up my beneifits since this injury intially happened when I was in army. So to get extra income for the family and try to pay bills I am selling Gem stones, necklaces, rings, guns, Ammo at the show this weekend to generate more cash. Mothers day is right around the corner and I have a lot of different gems and jewelry to sell. I will take care of anybody seeking me out from the board and it would be greatly appreciated if your looking to buy something don't go to a jewelry store come and see me you will get a much better deal!! I also will be buying gold, silver platuinum. If anybody would be kind enough to help me out i would GREATLY Appreciate it. I am sure I am not the only one dealing with this sort of thing I am just trying to think outside the box to generate money to pay bills. Also if anyone is unemployed and just needs help finding job or writing resume I would be more than happy to help as all I have is time. thanks for taking the time to read. If you would like to call my cell it is 206-327-0075 thanks jason I will be at show saturday and sunday and will sell Gems anytime as well as buy gold thanks again:)
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    Try listing some items on the site ... may help???

    Good luck to a fellow Vet!

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