Ultra SP101 Crimson trace 357 tons of ammo and extras HOT!

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by SVT-ROY, Aug 2, 2013.

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    SP101 in 357 slight holster wear. Carried and shot little(woman owned lol).
    It sports an XS big dot front nite sight. A new set of CT grips and a speed loaded.

    Reloading stuffs include

    Dies(used 100rds only) with box and shell holder.
    Over 500 good brass once fired and cleaned. And 55 reloads with 3.5 bullseye and speer HP.

    Factory ammo includes 303 total give or take 1.

    62 CCI Blazer 357 MAG 158gr HP
    about 135 rem 38spl jacketed and lead
    50 CCI Blazer 38spl
    50 this and that Brandon round 2 of this 3 of that 16 of this ect.


    Galco Fletch concealment holster Galco Fletch Concealment Pistol and Revolver Holsters FREE S&H FL104, FL112, FL424, FL438, FL212, FL286, FL160, FL292, FL438B, FL440, FL266, FL204, FL212B, FL266B, FL286B, FL118, FL226B, FL228B, FL248, FL250, FL250B, FL298, FL298B, FL424B, FL114,
    And a high noon IWB high ride. Both types of carry your covered!

    Not sure what I'm looking for exactly, I really don't need anything but I have a few ideas. FN 5.7, LCP,S&W Bodyguard, savage bolt 22lr, CZ 452 22lr, magnum research 22lr. S&W Govenor. Desert eagle micro. Ruger sr22 threaded. Cougar 22lr. 223 bolt gun, 308 bolt gun(gun site scout?) 7.62 bolt gun.

    Cash price I would take 750obo(over 1000 into this setup).
    Also peep my super duper stainless 10/22 package ( great deal as well)
    Whoever is closer and can meet sooner gets priority ( tired of butthurt ppl crying there not first and there hours away with no clue of when and where).

    Hope this finds a good home. The woman assured me this was the gun she was good with before I got the CT grips, extra ammo and holsters. She prefers her sr22 in purple with interceptors. I'm cool with that 11 of those suckers at contact range would stop me and I'm no sissy lol.


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