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I bought an Ultra 87 from the Security Store about 1.5 years ago. I think it was new, because it came in the original box, but with no manual. I never fired a round through it. I disassembled it to clean and lubricate all of the components and then had trouble putting it together again, because the trigger assembly pin holes would not align. I went back to the store after a couple of hours and one of the staff told me I needed a special press and that I had disassembled it too far. I left it over night with them to fix and when I got it back the elevator wasn't working smoothly and wouldn't properly chamber a round. They claim no returns and I wasn't going to press the issue, since ultimate responsibility lies with me as the purchaser. I never went back to that store again though and I warned all of my friends and the Northwest Firearms Board to stay away. I would like to offload this shotgun onto someone familiar with gun smithing who could do some work on it and probably resell it for a lot more. I'm asking for $80 to recoup some of my losses. I also have a soft shotgun case that has only been used from the store to my home that I would be willing to part for $30.
Just a reminder, but I'm pretty sure a sale across state lines requires a transfer through an FFL.
Nobody wants the ATF to come knocking.
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