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    So, I recently started converting a Saiga rifle in 7.62. I purchased a full Ultimak rail kit (for end and gas tube/scout rail) from a guy/dealer on Ar15.com. Got it but there were two issues; no directions, and the gas tube looked shorter than it should be. I emailed Ultimak about the directions and got a very pleasant and apologetic email from one of their reps withnthe included directions. We traded a couple more "shoot the bubblegum" emails when he learned I was also a vet. Rails now installed I realized the tube was about an inch short. After some research I learned i had gotten a Hungarian tube not the standard. I was bummed and posted several places online o trade or sell. A buddy of mine suggested contacting Ultimak again and seeing if they could help me out, even if they didn't really have to. I snapped off a picture of the gap and sent it off. I had an RMA number within a few hours. They also made a suggestion about a newer model that was designed for the Bolton gas block/front sight I had installed. Happy to say the Moscow, ID company had a new rail to me in less than a week, only costing me the $5 to priority it to them. I will definitely purchase their products again. Great CS.

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