Ulta light adjustable 10/22 "tactical stock" made by bubba.

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    Please note this is for the stock only. The rifle and optic is not included.

    "tactical" i hate that word but the thing is black and if you paint it black well it magically becomes "tactical"

    This is a bubba special so as is but its pretty cool. It has a couple cosmetic flaws but other wise does what it needs to do.

    its a modified 10/22 stock with a ar15 collapasble stock with a folding mech

    the folding part is screwed in and epoxied around it i will paint it before it sales and is not attached 100% level it kind of tilts up.

    but here is what makes it special its super light weight i was building a super light weight 10/22 for my daughter. this was kind of the prototype to work out the details for the final one

    just want to get what i got most of what i invested in it $ wise out of it





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