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    Afternoom, All - just to remind you that there are over a million shooters over here in UK, struggling against a combination of antagonism, apathy and downright injustice, I'm very happy to promote our on-line shooting magazine for shooters of all kinds of stuff -

    It's completely free - no registration necessary, ever - and represents the UK shooter's interests in every discipline that we can undertake in every style and calibre you can think of, except, of course, handguns of a modern type.

    The editor, Vince Bottomley, is a classy silverware collector in F-Class and other disciplines, as are all the editorial staff. He welcomes comments and contributions, and is very pro-active.

    Have a look and see - I'm pretty certain that you'll find something there that appeals to you.

    Best :)

    tac in yUK

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