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    excepting Northern Ireland, where they can still have anything they like...

    Yup, since 1997, this is the nearest we can get - well, 99.9% of us - to a modern-looking handgun in England, Wales and Scotland. Northern Ireland, of course, does its own thing, and allows its law-abiding citizens any and all kinds of handguns.

    tac's guns - Westlake-Armscor revolver - UK legal - YouTube

    It's a .38cal revolver with a new front-loading cylinder that only holds 3gr of Herco powder, a fast-burning pistol powder much-used for 148gr wadcutter target shooting. It's fired off by using a #209 shotgun primer. The conversion is made here in England by Alan Westlake, a former GB medallist handgun shooter before Dunblane happened. Cost is around $1100 or so. Loading is achieved using a loading press that holds the cylinder and spaces the bullet at the right depth - just like off-gun loading any other muzzle-loading percussion revolver. There is also an up-market slab-sided barrel version for a lot more money...

    I posted this since I thought it might give you all a real laff.

    NOW you can take the pi$$ as much as you like, but we all do what we CAN do.


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