Uberti 1847 Walker Replica

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by FAL, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Seeing as how BERETTAUSA.COM is having a significant sale on these for this Father's Day Weekend, ($319)I decided to buy one. I saw they had pretty good reviews and seem to be well made.

    For you folks who have owned one, fired one or are knowledgeable in this area, what advise do you have? What are some definate "do's" and "do not's"?

    Case in point, I understand that after loading the cylinder, the openings should be sealed in lube. I understand that this is to prevent simultaneous ignition of the rest of the loads when firing. Does lubing up the openings prevent sparks from ingiting the other loads or is it a different reason?


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    Typically the internals on the Italian replicas are what suffer. They tend to be very soft and wear quickly. I have replaced the trigger, hand and the sear spring due to breakage on my ASM 1851 Navy. I handmade the parts and hardened them and now they are probably the strongest things on the gun. The barrel and frame are well made however and fit together well. As far as filling the remaining space in the cylinder with grease it is really not necessary as long as you are using the proper sized round balls that shear a ring of lead as they are being seated. I have never experienced a chain fire after many 100s of rounds through mine. It may be sacrilege but I have moved on to Pyrodex for all my BP shooting. It seems to burn a little slower than BP with the result being higher velocity and energy. There is a definite difference between the two when shooting and the Pyrodex is a little easier to clean. Make a dedicated powder measure out of something like a 25-06/243 shellcase. The approximate 1/4" neck fits the opening of my powder flask perfectly and is easy to pour into the cylinder. With practice you can load and have the barrel pointing downrange in 5 min or less.

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