U.N. Maps Show U.S. High In Gun Ownership, Low In Homicides

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    U.N. Maps Show U.S. High In Gun Ownership, Low In Homicides
    Published on Tuesday, February 12, 2013
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    UN Gun Ownership Map

    AmmoLand Gun News
    Washington DC - -(Ammoland.com)- Since 1998, John Lott’s seminal work More Guns, Less Crime has been used to show that areas with the highest gun ownership in America experience the least crime on a per capita basis.

    It now appears that what Lott discovered as true for the U.S.A. is true for the world as well.

    Maps made by the U.N. office on Drugs and Crime (circa 2007) clearly show that where gun ownership is highest in the world, crime is lowest on a per capita basis.

    For example, here is the map for gun ownership: (Above)

    Notice the high levels of private gun ownership per 100 people in the United States versus the rest of the world.

    Now, here is the map for homicides:

    UN Homicide Map
    Notice the correlation between high gun ownership and lower homicide rates.

    This fact will be extremely important to keep in mind in March when the U.N. revisits the Arms Trade Treaty, which the Obama administration and other 2nd Amendment opponents will want us to embrace as a solution to the supposed heightened violence in America versus other countries.

    As these maps show, “more guns, less crime“ is true internationally as well as domestically.

    AWR Hawkins writes for all the BIG sites, for Pajamas Media, for RedCounty.com, for Townhall.com and now AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

    His southern drawl is frequently heard discussing his take on current events on radio shows like America’s Morning News, the G. Gordon Liddy Show, the Ken Pittman Show, and the NRA’s Cam & Company, among others. He was a Visiting Fellow at the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal (summer 2010), and he holds a PhD in military history from Texas Tech University.

    If you have questions or comments, email him at awr@awrhawkins.com. You can find him on facebook at www.facebook.com/awr.hawkins

    Read more at Ammoland.com: U.N. Maps Show U.S. High In Gun Ownership, Low In Homicides
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    sucks that the data is 5-6 years old. Also doesnt really tell anyone anything. America, BG, and OZ are all in the same category even though our homicide rate is about 3X higher than theirs. This has nothing to do with gun ownership as part of the data, im just saying it is easily skewed.

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