TZ 75 compact(cz clone), 450 rds 9mm and holster

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by bmw2, Jul 6, 2009.

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    TZ 75 compact, made by tangfolio who now makes the witness pistols. Nice, solid, all steel 9mm. Nice shooter, has had some trigger work done by previous owner, good bluing everywhere but a small spot on the grip where the web of your hand sits. Comes with 450 rounds of blazer brass and remington 115gr. FMJ, plus one mag full of hydra shocks and one full of speer lawman FMJ. Has 6 mags, one original and 5 EAA mags. The EAA mags need to have a little bit of plastic shaved off the top of the butt plates to fully seat. Two are modified and 3 are still new in the packages. The modified mags have been perfectly reliable. Also comes with a nice leather belt slide holster. I also have 400 federal small pistol primers and a 1 gallon ziploc bag jammed full of once fired brass. It's at least 500 pieces of brass probably closer to 800.

    I put a trade value for the package at around $450 but there's some wiggle room.

    Trades I'd like are:

    .44mag or .357mag lever action
    Marlin 336+cash or I keep some ammo
    .44mag or .357blackhawk 6.5 inch preferred
    .357 4in K or L frame with adjustable sights(finish doesn't need to be perfect)
    Ruger security six or GP100 with adjustable sights+cash or I keep some ammo
    Ruger single six convertible+cash or I keep some ammo
    Marlin 39a
    .223 Savage/Stevens bolt gun+cash depending on model
    Hi Point carbine+cash
    I'd take $350 for the gun, holster and mags without ammo or $450 with.
    Or make a cash/trade offer, you might have something I didn't know I needed.

    Must have Washington DL and carry permit.
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