WTS/WTT WA Type 99 Arisaka 30-06 Price Drop

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    I have a Japanese Type 99 Arisaka that I believe to have been a war trophy from WW2. It was sporterized and re chambered for 30-06 Springfield. It still has the original stock, original sights, various numbers and Japanese markings, but no chrysanthemum. The rifle has been headspace checked and is a confirmed 30-06, I have put about 60 rounds through it. It shoots fine. A very interesting and more affordable to shoot piece of WW2 history.

    Mainly interested in a trade for an Iver Johnson Top Break in either .32 ACP or .38 S&W

    $275 OBO

    I am in the Vancouver area.

    PM me if your interested, or have a cash or trade offer.





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