WTS/WTT OR Two Springfield XDs 9mm magazines - OR/WA

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    Hey all,

    The 8 rounder with the pinky extension is spoken for, still have the 9 round mag with the extension/sleeve for $25.

    I've got two factory original magazines for an XDs 9mm, one an 8 round and one a 9 round and both with the extension/sleeve. One has the stock floor plate and the other has a Pierce pinky extension.

    If anybody is looking to get rid of a 7 round mag and wants to take them both then I'll swap them both for one 7 rounder plus $30.

    If you only want to trade for one, then I don't care which gets traded and I'll sell the other for $25 without the extension and $35 with. If you want to buy them both, then I'll go $60 for the pair and pick up an extra 7 rounder down the road. So many options, I'm getting confused.

    I'm anywhere between north Portland and Longview, either PM or email works for me.


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