Two fishing poles

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    Eagle Claw Starfire no. SFSR429 8 1/2ft spin rod Wright & McGill Co line size 8-15 lure wt 3/8-1 1/4 oz

    Sears holo glass coho/steelhead med action 8 1/2 ft model (5?)11.43433

    Both should be in good usable condition. Both are vintage, they should be mid 70s or older judging from family history, not sure of exact age. Neither rod has a reel. I would love to use them myself, but I am terrible at fishing, and am focusing my extra time on hunting. PM for pictures.

    $25 (obo) each, or $40 (obo) for both. Would also trade for an "O" style reloading press, or .45 acp carbide die-set.

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