WTS WA Tungsten Guide Rod / Recoil Spring Assembly - Glock 21, 20, 41, 40 Gen4 - BNIP

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    PM only for communication. Payment via USPS MO or PayPal, shipped price shown is net to my acount. Any fees, taxes, charges etc are the responsibility of the seller unless agreed otherwise in advance.

    I have this $79.95 RSA (It is this exact RSA with no mods, testing, filing, no excuses at all), brand new from GlockStore:


    This is completely unused, never even test fitted to my gun. I bought it with the intentions of a suppressed build that never happened, so it is up for sale, my loss your gain.

    Again, brand new, never used, tried, cycled, nothing but a place for dust to settle. I have heard and read nothing but amazing things about the RSAs from all the research I did prior to buying it.

    I want $50 shipped for it. Once you factor in shipping, this is costing you barely over 1/2 of what it costs brand new!

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