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    So it looks like I'm going to be moving out to tumalo soon and I was wondering if anyone knows of places to go shooting near by. Right now living close to china hat I go about 2 times a week but living out in tumalo if there isn't anywhere closer I'm going to be going way less. Thanks.
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    If its BLM or its related govt agency(s) land your looking to squeeze a few rounds off at, check out Home Oregon/Washington BLM

    When you go to the URL click on the district that youre moving to. Since I dont know what district Tumalo falls in, youd have to figure that one out for yourself. When you click on the district in the map, it will bring you to that districts page. When there, mouse over to the Recreation link on the link bar at the top of the page and scroll down and choose Recreation Sites. This page will show you the available Recreation Areas in that district. The ones you would want to look for will have the shooting emblem in the Activities box. Some have fees, some dont.

    As for the hidden shooting spot types of areas to go sport shooting at, I would recommend you go in a group just to be safe. You never know what screwballs you might encounter in your new found secret place.:thumbup:
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    I've gone shooting off of 126, about 2-3 miles West of where Cline Falls Road meets 126. There's a bunch of BLM off of Cline Falls Road before you get to Eagle Crest - I bet you could just head up there and find somewhere nice to shoot. It's technically the "Cline Buttes Recreation Area", if you want to try to google more information.

    You can call the BLM and ask if they recommend certain areas for shooting:

    Bureau of Land Management
    Prineville District Office
    3050 NE 3rd Street
    Prineville, Oregon 97754

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