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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by dario541, Jan 16, 2011.

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    I've been watching the news on TV this morning and one story that is big on MSNBC and CNN is that thousands of people are attending a gun show in Tucson a week after the tragedy there. The newscasters are acting appalled that people could do such an awful thing so quickly after that horrible event. They act as though people are going out and buying guns so that they, too, can kill and maim.
    I kind of wish I was in Tucson today. I would be right there among those gun show shoppers. And, if I found something that I wanted, I would purchase it.
    Gun control is not about guns, it is PEOPLE CONTROL and don't ever forget it!
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    The media like to turn everyone intro victims then feed of the grief. This is merely a play for ratings and therefore advertising revenue. Pay close attention to any similar event and you will see how they seek out and put on the air "traumatized" people ..even if they had not even the remotest connection to the event.
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    Sensationalism and utilizing people's emotions gets ratings. If I was in charge of local TV news advertising I'd be tempted to air "updates" like "Bear loose in town, more at 11". I'm surprised they haven't tried to interview the guy who was involuntarily committed for threats and intimidation at town hall. They could probably find other "traumatized" people to interview there too.
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    It's just more brain washing.... sheeple watch BS news and get brain washed into thinking that guns are horrible and the next time they see a person like me who legally has a gun and a permit open carrying and they freak out. I never purchased a gun with the intent to take a life or to harm a human..... only time I will take a life is if a family member, friend, or my life is in danger and I have no other options. I don't even watch TV anymore because I am tired of being subconsciously brain washed. Why is it the when police and military carry guns it's ok? why do they have guns? well so that they can defend themselves. Why don't they report on the government and the bankers raping this country? I too wish I was in AZ so I could join my brothers and sisters in showing support for our rights to bear arms LEGALLY. SHAME ON THE GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED MEDIA.

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