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As many know, the .32 H&R Magnum was introduced in 1984 as a joint venture from Harrington & Richardson and Federal. Going from memory, there was a revolver introduced in that time period (1984 or thereabouts) that was:

  • Made by H&R, I think.
  • In .32 H&R Magnum.
  • Double-action.
  • A top-break design.
  • Marketed as sort of a "kit gun" for hunting, fishing, etc.
I Googled it quite a bit. The problem is a ton of false positives were the result. H&R, naturally, made a billion gagillion fafillion shabadabalo top-break wheelguns in .32-caliber (mainly .32 S&W) over the better part of a century. Almost none of which is what I am trying to track down.

Would anyone know what I am thinking of? Thanks!

EDIT: I did a bunch of much searches and consulted some printed resources and I think I may be have just been mistaken. The three wheelguns H&R originally introduced in .32 H&R Mag were all solid frame. Though one kinda looks like a top-break, it is not. So, nevermind.
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