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Truth Time! AR Shenanigans

On average, how many rounds before you have some type of malfunction.

And before you blow smoke I would say I have about 10k rounds + thru Military Issue garbage. So I have an idea.

Tell da truth.

And before you think I am hating, If you have a lower for sale > $100 let me know:s0155:
BM AR 1287 rounds fired zero malfunctions I keep it lubed.

Vector AK 1119 rounds fired and zero malfunctions also.
I haven't had a malfunction yet... a few thousand rounds anyway. Its a cheap DPMS build on the cheap! Funny, because I saw a Noveske that was unable to cycle wolf... shoots everything else fine. My cheap rifle shoots cheap ammo just fine.
One day, I couldn't get three rounds in a row through my AR. Malfunction rate of 75%. I had a half-dozen mags, and after testing them, marking them as "good" or "bad", buying some more mags and doing the same, I have not had a malf, since. I don't shoot my AR a lot, so I'm talking maybe only 200-300 consecutive malf-free rounds, on two or three occasions. Or, put another way, other than the mag test, I've never had a malf! :)
I've got a Bushmaster Shorty AK that I reload my own ammo for. I've put hundreds of rounds through this thing without any problems...then the last time out I couldn't get through a single magazine without a feed failure. What I found was that I was getting bullet setback....and the cause was split case mouths. I inspected all of my loaded ammo and found about 20% of them had splits. I'm somewhat new to reloading .223 (but not to reloading...I've loaded probably over 200K pistol rounds) so this is something new to lookout for, for me.
Haven't had any problems with my Colt 6920. I clean it every 5,000+ rounds.

As long as you keep the BCG wet, it'll run for a long time.

I keep it lubed with a combo of grease and machine gunner lube. If I'm in a rifle class where we're putting several hundred rounds down range a day, I keep a small bottle of Mobil 1 30 wt close by..........and lube it with that every few mags.
My first AR was a kit-built used gunshow special. A "C" stamped on the barrel means "Colt", right? Why, it ran great! It fired two, three, or even four times with every trigger pull!

Yes, it took some gunsmith TLC to make it right---after I finally found one even willing to work on that brand of lower because most of them were so out of spec as to be hopeless.

After that it WAS a good gun, with no problems. I scoped it and got two-inch groups at one hundred yards, with surplus ammo. I was happy.......................elsullo
Most extraordinary "torture test" I've ever run was 5000-rounds through my ole Bushmaster A2 rifle without cleaning. Just kept adding ammo and CLP to the bolt/carrier group. Rifle was running fine, but getting "sluggish."
My AR starts to choke on wolf if it isn't cleaned regularly. I've had about 3 FTE malfuctions when using wolf in about 1000 rounds fired. No problems with brass. I don't start getting problems with the wolf until ~300 rounds without cleaning. Scrubbing off the bolt face usually does the trick. I don't think I've had any other type of malfunction yet.
Two years ago, an Appleseed shoot was held in my neighborhood.
It rained all three days without let up. Garands, bolts, 22 LRs, FALs,
and ARs. The ARs numbered four with two factory and two home builts.
They were the first to go down along with semi auto 22s. The others
kept on running. Since early Nam days until now, that platform does not
like wet. The other rifles named above finished the weekend without a hitch!


My bushmaster has seen about 1500 rounds with no problems. I got it used so I do not know how many rounds before that or if it had any problems. I shoot brass and the "cheap stuff." I do clean it about every 500 rounds.
Not sure what is meant by bad either, cause yours may work perfect
in my rifle. Specs will differ beween mags, springs, and followers.
Most only load 28 instead of 30 or capacity for that very reason that
load outs to replace partial mags with full are a easy task For what
ever reason 30 doesn't work because that last little bit of compression
on the top round gets before the mag latch seats. Not all rifles and mag
combination does this happen. Even though 30 fit in mine, I always run
two less. Same with my Glock mags. Change outs are rapid when
spring compression is not at maximum. Very easy to end up with a
single shot when you forget tap, and pull with that mag dropping out
on round one. Mags are cheap, so you might want to experiment with
different brand if you will not settle for less than capacity. Try the Magpul
for instance. In fact I change out any mag with Magpul followers and
springs with a couple of different mgf. and all are capable of 30, but feel
that a lesser amont is kinder on springs. Loading these mags with the
springs and followers that came with them was a chore. However with
the spring/follower, totally slick even with full capacity. Magpul mags
are good to go as is and has a little different mag lips set up.


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