Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty With It

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DAE51D, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Thanks for that. it is a good read, if anything some people might sit back and read it then start to think for themselves for once in their lives and not depend on the mainstream mind control. People are finally getting it though. Wheither it is reading about things along the lines of "operation northwoods" or hearing about the false flag attack cheney wanted to do to get in a war with Iran. The military industrial complex is alive and well, as well as the off shore banks and corporations that run our government and country. Rest asured people are getting it. LETS JUST HOPE THEY GOT IT IN TIME TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Semper Fi
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    A good read for sure. Good to get you thinking about the need for a much smaller government and the need to spur competition and break up the large monopolies that have been allowed to form by both parties over the last 30+ years.

    My wish is that free markets could be established again in the US in the future without interference by big government and large dominating mega corporations. Like to see some incentives handed out by government to domestic companies to promote production and job growth by US owned businesses.

    Not sure I believe that US citizens are being capped by the CIA. If that was true then controversial folks in the media would be a big target and foreign leaders like Chavez and that sociopath that heads up Iran would be gone.
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    Now might be a good time to read Atlas Shrugged
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    Interesting, the article was about the loss of universal truth in our common reality, and you want to read some fiction to put it in perspective? We don't need another set of propaganda, we need to look realistically at the world and throw out all the elements that color our daily perceptions, that we don't know are true. Why would someone want to let conceptions that could be false run them? Why would someone maintain a death grip on such painful and alienating possiblilities, knowing that they can't be supported by facts?

    or as the Craig Roberts says "Truth is inconvenient for ideologues."

    I got that was a slight at Gore, and that Robert's is an idealogue himself as shown in the easy dismissal of global warming, though I do see that much of global warming is politically motivated, but to make it all hogwash requires either the expertise of only a few dozen human beings or taking someone elses word for it, and promoting that 'hear say' to absolute fact is just the sort of delusional material that divides us.

    I've said before in here that we need a common reality in order to be united against this government - corporate junta that is forming right before our eyes. The goverment is in the process of becomming a lever for corporate power and in this 'we the people' are not going to be third rails. The supreme court has found for the corporations, and has set them free to spend whatever they want to brainwash us to vote in their proxies. The government is not longer capable of standing up for us against corporate power and major wealth, so decisions will be made favoring that sector and not us. Only given a common truth can the people stand up in large enough numbers to represent their own interests. If we are going to be brainwashed then most likely it is being done by 'the money' (because they have the means and own the networks) and you are being programmed to act for them and not for you.

    You aren't going to unite many people being a birther, a racist, a nazi, seeing this current admin as socialists, carrying an obama joker poster, letting think tanks feed you mac-facts, listening to irresponsible - agenda driven - self-aggrandizing -delusional liars, buying political sound bites as accurate representations of reality, or not checking everything you hear and everything you read for basic truth. In a common reality there is the power of the people, in a common asylum of crazy thoughts there is only fear of each other.

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