..trust issues..? Answer: 80% AR-15 lower

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by funtukywindage, Aug 27, 2013.

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    If you are like me, and have serious trust issues with our government right now, you may want to look into swapping out your AR lower with a non-serialized 80%er lower. It is not as difficult as you my think. I recently made the decision to take the necessary precaution to swap out my own lowers.
    I realize some of you will think of this idea to be unnecessary, or even foolhardy. That is your opinion, and I appreciate you keeping your negative opinions to yourself.
    To those that also see the writing on the wall, and can see as history as shown us what is to come, PM me and I will connect you with a lead to the best quality billet 80% receivers I have found.
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    Ha Ha! At a glance I thought your handle was Funkeywindage! A compleatly different mental picture!
    Sorry, I prefer not to post my arrangements on the web. Suffice, that it is different than yours. I don't see your idea as unnecessary, just a different path.
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    When the hammer drops it will be like Milosevic's Balkan Campaign: The "Militia's" go in first and do the Ethnic Cleansing, The Military then shows-up "To save the day" but essentially are there to stop the media and prevent PPL from escaping, tanks were used to run over occupied police cars, just to prove their point. (YouTube)
    Having a firearm or w/numbers or NOT having one w/numbers will not make one iota difference, except in the manner of your death; die standing, die groveling, but violent death will be your pre-planned destination. Not based on race (Of Course), more based on your Zip-Code and Google Earth.
    As Samuel Huntington stated in the Seminal Work (that was derided by all talking heads in 2002 but was still a basic university referrance prior to the Obama Years)
    "Clash Of Civilizations" IS indeed what the world is experiencing now and what Obama, (the non-tenured, part time Instructor, who rarely even showed-up for his own classes) is working towards as a means of establishing his personal Caliphate ("America is the largest Muslim Nation") along with the ME which will then conquer Europe giving Obama roughly 2 Billion jihadists.
    Locally the "fault lines" of conflict will break down along socio-economic lines. The Yuppies that live just north of MLK BLVD are toast.
    Those with a river/bridge may live longer, kif they realize that the Police are controlled by Leftists and that the order will quickly come for police to draw back and protect the uber-elite leaving the Tax Payers to fend for them selves.
    The one thing to keep in mind is that Leftists Always plan for a Counter-Revolution, and how to defeat it
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    When the russian paratroopers fall from the sky, and then they are ordered by the cubans to go to every gun shop and grab all the 4473's it will still have your address on it. Unless you're a competent machinist, and have anodizing tanks, I think you're taking a huge step backwards in terms of quality and reliability.

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