TRS-25 w/Arms Unlimited QD lever adapter and it WORKS!!!!

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    Well, I took my setup to the range this morning. Please, forgive me for not having a way to video what I did. But, I will try to step through the process with some coherency.

    I had the TRS-25 mounted using the QD lever adaptor and sighted in. The TRS-25 was high and to the left. Ten rounds later, it was dead on again.

    I opened the QD lever and turned the nut a couple of turns so that the optics would come off the rail. I set the optics down, picked it up again, and placed it on the rail.

    (This is the procedure I followed several times and I did not have a significant loss of zero. Meaning, I can trust the sights to be close enough for self-defense - large soft target - and to dispatch a critter too close for comfort either on the trail or in camp.)

    Step 1: With lever open, mount TRS-25 on rail
    Step 2: Close lever and hand tighten nut until the nut will not move.
    Step 3: Open lever and turn nut approximately 1/4 turn, push optics forward and hold in place, close lever that now has the tension that you like.

    (If not enough tension then open lever, turn nut clockwise slightly, push optics forward, and close lever. If too much tension, open lever, turn nut counterclockwise slightly, push optics forward, and close lever)

    The targets were 1" Shoot N See circles at 25 yards adhered to graft paper. I used my sand bag rests to steady my aim. The pattern changed very little when I shot at each circle, removed the sights by opening lever and turning nut a couple of times counterclockwise and replaced the optics using the 3 step method each time. After 5 10 round mags and 5 individual 1" Shoot N See targets I can believe in my TRS-25 with the Arms Unlimited QD lever adapter to be deadly within 0 - 25 yards on my MKIII.

    If I want to gather meat at longer ranges, I would use my SR-22 rifle:

    For mounting my TRS-25 on a rifle I would use the factory setup and mount it to the UTG high 3 slot QD levered riser found on Amazon. The UTG QD mount will come off and on the rail without having to adjust tension every time.

    I wanted the TRS-25 to come off my pistol in an emergency or for cleaning/taking down my MKIII. I do not want to raise the optics or add weight to my rig. However, the UTG single rail, 3 slot QD lever riser looks interesting.

    There is also another QD lever from a Chinese company:

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