Triton 1500 GPS AdventurePack

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    I have a touch-screen Triton 1500 GPS Unit with box and everything it came with. Memory Card, Case, USB Cable, etc. I did install the software on my computer so I am not sure if you would get any free downloads with it... I downloaded quads mainly for the Capitol Forest area. I just never use it. I have only turned it on maybe three times since buying it, and have never taken it out in the field.

    $220 OBCO -or- TRADE
    I live in Olympia.

    What I really want is a SKS or level-action 30-30... I don't have any $$ to kick, but If you do have one to trade, I have some ammo I could add in trade. This ammo is NOT for sale, only if needed in a trade:
    1 box Federal 55gr 100ct .223
    1 box WWB 9mm 100ct
    1 box WWB .45 Auto 100ct
    1 box WWB .38 SPL +P 125gr JHP 50ct

    For straight across trades, I would consider good condition:
    Remington 597 (I am getting tired of waiting for mine to come back from the repair shop)
    Ruger 10/22
    Pump-Action shotgun in .410, 16, or 20
    or ?? (I already have a 12ga...)

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