WTS WA Trijicon TA55 Scope Pouch

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    Pouch only! I ended up with two of the pouches after Trijicon returned the scope from a warranty repair, later sold the scope with one of the pouches, I have this one left.

    It's basically new, it was never used or carried. Includes a new never used LensPen in the front pocket. It's made from a stiff (cordura?) nylon material and has a thin layer of padding sewn between the layers. This should work great for any scope that will fit inside it, but it's also useful for other gear. There are two ALICE clips on the back and a window for an identification tag.

    Approximate INSIDE dimensions are 14" long by 3" by 3". The TA55 is 12" long so any scope up to 13ish inches and no more than 3 inches around should fit no problem.

    Price is $40 shipped to your door, US only. PP gift or add the fee.


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