Trijicon Acog 1.5x - $600 o.b.o.

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    I regretfully offer my Trijicon Acog (TA45R-2) 1.5x24 for sale. It is in good to very good condition (I know there are some sticklers out there that consider very good to apply only to unused items, so I am trying to be as honest as possible), never dropped and very clean but a few very minor scuffs on the aluminum housing (not the lenses; they are pretty close to perfect).

    I have the flat-top/picatinny adapter (an extra $100 from Trijicon), plus the equipment to mount the optic to an AR carry handle. Included will be the pelican case it came in, brochure, lens pen and soft cover.

    Pictures are forthcoming, but the optic is identical to the one shown on Trijicon's website, here:
    TA45R-2 ACOG - Trijicon, Inc.

    I have this mounted to a carbine length AR and it performs wonderfully. I am truly sorry to see it go.

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