Trigger Work on XDS's and XDM

I am planning on going to train at Front Sight next month, I had planned on using a different gun, but I shifted gears and decided to buy a XDM 5.25 Competition 9mm. I don't really want to compete so much as not get beaten by the Warden. She would never let me hear the end of it (Dang her ornery, mean-spirited Hyde!) so now that the date is approaching and I got my XDM, I was reading that I might benefit from a "Trigger Job"

Of I go researching these things, the factory custom shop was quickly eliminated as they don't do anything quickly. Weeks not days. The two best options for me, boiled down to two in Oregon. Powder River (Baker City) or Springer Precision (Bend). Powder River was well received and a foolproof drop in unit that even an idiot could do, Precision cost a little more and wanted to do it themselves. Pros and Cons and opinions abound. I considered the "Idiot proof" descriptions of the Powder River unit and realized from past experience that I could easily defeat that claim! I called Precision and they said about a week to turn around and they offered some XDS trigger work also.

I took my XDM and my XDS's, 9 and 45 to the shop in Bend on Monday and picked up all three Friday (Yesterday) I paid $150 for the XDM and $75 each for the XDS's.

I made a quick deviation to the public range about 20 miles east on Bend just north of Highway 20 (As you head east the brown sign will be on the right pointing to the left, go left. pass the big private range ad continue to the smaller Public range)

I found a cardboard box that the warden uses for loose groceries, and put some dirt in the bottom to stabilize it. I placed the box about seven yards out and proceeded to shoot 3, 19 round magazines from the XDM (Just beautiful is how I would describe it) I then fired about 30 rounds of 9mm fro the Warden's XDS, (Way better than I remembered ) Well worth the money. I fired 25 rounds of 45 from my XDS and found I could shoot a noticeably better group than I could before. (It is still unpleasant to shoot much, but the results are more pleasing) Again worth the Money.

I also shot 10 more rounds of 10mm to see if I liked the medium backstrap better that no backstrap on my G-29. ( I did like it better and the G-29 is just as unpleasant to shoot as the XDS 45, but both are for my defense, so its acceptable.)

I then dumped the remaining dirt out of the Warden's box and put it back, I'm sure she won't notice!

Anyway very happy with the Springer Precision trigger work.
Yes both shop are great options. One thing I did take from this however. Your confidence and skill sounds like it increases with the 9mm. A longtime friend and gun instructor pointed this out to me and others a time or two... So when you say the .45 and 10mm are for your defense, remember a hit with a 9MM is better than a miss with a .45 (or 10mm).

Dont get me wrong bud. Have many .45's and 10mm and .44 mag etc. LOVE THEM ALL. But for defense against two legged critters and such " A 9mm loaded proper is just fine for the job" :D
Oh I shoot okay with all of them and the 45 in a 1911 is pretty much okay, but the XDS is a very short grip with the five round magazine and a short barrel too. I have fire it once with 50 rounds. but it is not enjoyable and when Pie size group before as compared to a Softball size group that I have now. That is just better consistency with the trigger. I am not a good enough shot and I am going to get training in that regard

I fired the G-29 60 rounds on Monday without the backstrap. I just fired 10 rounds Friday with the medium backstrap on to confirm that is what I wanted and it is, I love the G-29 as I can hit well with it at 25 yards. I love the results, still t is punishing to me to shoot it a lot. (I broke my wrist six years back, and all the screws, pins and plates talk to me after a little while.)

On a side note , the Warden was unhappy with the box at first until I mentioned that I was testing the function of her XDS, then all was well.
Hi !
I've been to Frontsight a couple of times and enjoyed my time there immensely. An XDM would be a good choice for a gun.... In this situation, a small gun is a definite handicap.
I'd suggest that you make sure that the trigger pull on your XDM is 4# or greater. ( I'm guessing that it is). The first thing that the instructors at Fronsight will do , is examine your gun for safety and that includes a dry fire. If they aren't sure that your trigger pull is > 4# , they have you take it to their resident gunsmith and he checks it with a gauge. ( Don't ask how I know ;-) ) Luckily , mine was OK ...but I was sweating bullets for about 10 min.

Have fun !! Sunscreen is your friend !! mike


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