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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by rusobr2, Aug 16, 2011.

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    well i'm a proud owner of a p-220 dao "95" vintage . problem is ... i have M/S & the trigger pull is great for 1 mag, then when i go to 2nd mag, i start jerking the trigger:(
    "wolf" shows trigger springs for the "95" vintage, from 24#-16# (fcty. being 23#)with about a 7-8.5# pull & maybe more !
    i really enjoy the gun, fit & feel couldn't be better, i just need to get the trigger pull down to about a 5.0...i'm not worried about the safety aspect of it, as i never carry a handgun w/ chambered rnd ! + it's "dao" (just the way i was taught at young age)

    any help in this is appreciated...thanks, steven
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    I have Wolff springs in most of my Sigs. For range use, you might be ok with a 16# spring. For self defense, I wouldn't go lower than 19#. Anything lower than 19# in a self defense pistol may produce light primer strikes. I've never had issues with 19# springs in any of my P220s.

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