tricked-out M&P Pro in 9mm

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    State of the Art USPSA Production setup.

    M&P Pro in 9mm, about 1.5 years old, around 1000 rounds.

    Full complement of Apex Tactical trigger parts (RAM, springs, hard sear and striker block). Trigger can be set to your taste, it's currently set to a crisp 2.5lbs with short reset.

    Dawson Precision Fiberoptic front sight, extra narrow for faster target aquisition and in the correct height (was shooting a bit low with the stock front sight).

    Comes with 5 17RD mags and a Safariland 5187 holster (it's designed for a Glock 34/35 but it fits the M&P perfectly and is actually long enough to protect the front sight unlike most M&P holsters).

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