Tri-County Gun Club or Douglas Ridge Rifle Club?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by techiej, Jun 26, 2012.

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    May not be a fair question but am trying to decide between the two of these (both is NOT an option) for joining. They are both about an hour's drive away.

    What I am currently shooting is 30-06, 9mm and 22lr. Plan on adding 12 ga. shotgun and more handguns. FYI -- I'm looking for a place to be able to grow more into my hobby and be able to shoot at non-paper targets (steel, spinners, etc.) as well as holster draw. For rifle shooting, so long as I can shoot 100/200/300 yards I am fine and don't need ultra long distances to keep me happy. May or may not get into competitive shooting. Safety for me is always a concern as I would frequently be going by myself.

    While I have visited each, one look is really not enough to decide. The cost difference between the 2 would not be the deciding factor.

    So, I am looking to this group for help, advice, etc. with trying to make a decision. Any and all input would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have been a member of both. I am currently a member of Tri-County. Though I love Douglas Ridge, and though it's technically closer to me, due to the drive, I can get to Tri-County quicker. So I made the change. It was a hard one to do. But now that I am at Tri-County, I like it quite a bit.

    There is .22lr only indoor(Douglas Ridge has indoor pistol virtually any caliber pistol/.22lr) and an outdoor one that is part of the Muzzle Loader/Sihlouette(I haven't been on this range yet).

    Rifle range - 100yd. lighted that is open till 9pm, covered and has a woodstove. Separate 200-300yd. range that is always a "hot" range(you drive to your targets and change them in a pit, pretty cool) also covered(don't remember if there's a stove or not.

    Pistols - You need to get "action pistol" range certified. Tri-county has a conventional pistol range but it is 25 and 50yd. ONLY. Not my cup of tea, I like to shoot in self defense ranges. In the action pistol pit(not covered) there are something like 12 "bays" and one is virtually always open. You can shoot pistols, pistol cal. carbines, .22lr's, etc. at paper or steel(you need to bring your own steel).

    Shotguns - Douglas Ridge is still working out getting a "shot screen" so shotgun is shut down until then. Tri-County has trap/skeet(I believe 5stand too), but I'm not too much of a shotgun guy, I have several, but punching clays isn't my preference. They also have this "target key" system to buy your clays/birds. You get a card and you can "fill it" from what I understand like a Starbucks card....kinda neat. It's all done via remotes.

    Winter can be rough for training where you can go inside and shoot indoors at Douglas Ridge, but with the multitude of ranges at Tri-County, and the proximatey to where I work, I'm pretty happy there.
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    I belonged to DRRC for several years and then moved to over to Tri County so I could shoot when I wanted to. The long range guys would block off whole weekends over at DRRC - try shooting there on memorial day weekend. At DRRC the long range shooters think that they owned the place and even though it was beautiful over there I dont miss the attitudes, the long range shooters had little concern for anyone else being able to shoot but themselves. I dont know what DRRC is like today, it has been a couple of years. I am quite happy at Tri County and I live by the airport here in PDX so it is a commute to get there.

    James Ruby
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    I recently joined DRRC and have never been to TCGC.

    I must admit that I am a little suprised at how often the range is shut down for LR shooting but even over the Memorial Day weekend I was able to shoot after 4 (had the range to myself both Sat & Sun) and I could have used the indoor range if I really wanted to go earlier in the day.

    My understanding on the trap curtain is the funding and plans are in and they are just waiting on permits from the county or state.

    There is a new dynamic range that allows for a lot of freedom for move and shoot as well as a tactical shotgun range.

    If you need another tour shoot me a PM and I'll take you down as a guest.

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