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    I wanted to put in a good word for Jason and Hugh at Lowpriceguns in Bellevue. I have bought several firearms from them and they have treated me more than fairly. I bought a Springfield 1911 at what turned out to be the wholesale price. When I found out that the price was at wholesale and offered to make up the difference, Jason insisted on honoring the price he sold it at.

    After being on the waiting list for a long long time I bought two hard to get Kel Tec’s; a Sub 2000 9mm chambered for Glock mags and PMR 30. The demand for these are really high and could easily been sold at considerably above the retail price yet both were sold to me at the low quoted online price.

    I have found Jason and Hugh to be good people to deal with, they do not turn on the “hustle” to make a sale.

    JG from Shoreline
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    I recently ordered though Low Price Guns and they had a new employee, that was a little lost and misinformed about my order. One email to Jason, and every thing was in order. Very prompt and my firearm was at my FFL's within two days. I'll gladly do business with them again.
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