Traveling to OR, gun laws?

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    I'm planning to travel from WA to OR. I'm a WA resident with a WA CPL. What do I need to look out for regarding OR gun laws?

    I'm pretty sure OR won't honor my WA CPL, but can I safely store an unloaded firearm inside the vehicle?

    And say if I made a firearm purchase while in OR, what do I need to do?

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    This is from the FAQ's on the Oregon Firearms Federation web site, a supporter of this web site.

    I was stopped by a police officer for speeding he looked at my drivers licence and then asked me if I was carring a hand gun I said yes it was in a case in the back seat he then told me I was required by law when being stopped by an officer to immediatley tell the officer I had a hand gun in my car. Can you tell me anything about that law and if he is right.
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    No he is not right. Nothing in Oregon law requires that you volunteer information about guns you are carrying. Nor are you required to volunteer that you have a concealed handgun license. You must, of course, carry guns in a legal manner. That means if you have a handgun in the car, you must have a CHL, or the handgun must be either unconcealed, or "not readily accessible." ACCORDING TO AN OREGON APPEALS COURT RULING YOU MAY NOT CARRY OPENLY IN YOUR CAR WITHOUT A PERMIT IF THE GUN IS LOADED AND THE LOCALITY PROHIBITS IT.

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