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Traveling in post SHTF situations

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by Asavage270, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Asavage270

    Asavage270 eugene Active Member

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    Living on the outskirts of Springfield has got me thinking about my ability to get out of an urban area and to my safehouse in the hills which lies 75 miles north east.

    Unfortunatly hunkering down in a apartment complex is not the ideal situation for surviving a SHTF situation. Aside from difficulty of security and extremely close and un prepared neighbors I cannot store more than 2 months of food/water due to space issues.

    Ideally I would try to forsee some warning of disaster and get to my BOL ahead of the incident and initial panic. Unfortunatly this is not always the case.

    What are the benifits and risks to traveling immediatly after panic ensues, what about two, three weeks after the initial panic?

    Is it more dangerous to move within the first day of panic while violence is not as prevalent or wait until things die down and travel then, although those people 3 weeks after meltdown would often be more prone to have the "Me or Him" mindset. Which would be more dangerous?

    How long will it take for highways to become clogged, random acts of violence to occur, and general not safe to go outside situations to onset?

    of course these figures change from incident to incident but what do YOU think will happen in these circumstances?

    - Invasion of a foreign army

    - Drastic financial collapse

    - Massive disease outbreak

    - Large earthquakes

    - Hurricane / Severe weather - Hot/Cold

    Lets hear what you guys think! i am specifically looking for comments on best ways to travel post incident and best times to travel post incident(Day/Night, Vehicle/on foot, immediatly after/ delayed bug out)
    thanks for reading! looking forward to hearing some opinions from other preparedness minded people! :thumbup:
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  2. aj82

    aj82 graham Member

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    awesome question i have been pondering myself as of late. my best bol is the other side of the state not an easy task depending on what type of shtf scenario is going on. which brings me to my take on it unfortunately it seems to me that the answer to when, what time and what method of travel will be wholely based on the circumstances. so as much as i want to know now what to do then, it's just not practical to have a viable answer. so my plan will ultimately be to get to my long term bol. i have some temporary places i can hole up along the way. ideally i would leave by vehicle with enough fuel to make the trip twice at the onset of catastrophe however i try to have supplies and gear to go on foot in the case of mechanical failure of vehicle or if being in a vehicle paints too arge a target. so, i guess go with your gut as far as your plan A but mae sure you have a fall back plans in place so you arent "shooting" from the hip when things change...
  3. Asavage270

    Asavage270 eugene Active Member

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    well said, it will be very unpredictable no matter the circumstances.

    say in the event of something instantaneous such as widespread dirty bombings, overnight collapse of currency etc.

    What would your stance be about moving during inital onset Vs. post collapse?
  4. JackThompson

    JackThompson Valley of the Demons Well-Known Member

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    My home is my BOL. I moved out of the city to make it so. I have currently found 5 routes from the cities to my home, including one non-road method. I have maps of the area and enough supplies in my vehicle to make it on foot if needed.

    I think supplies and multiple routes is the key.

    What I don't currently have is a method for crossing a river, that's my next step.
  5. PiratePast40

    PiratePast40 Willamette Valley Well-Known Member

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    For a major earthquake scenario, we can assume that there will damage to roads and bridges. It's impossible to guess how much damage but it makes sense that 4WD vehicles will be necessary to go most anywhere. Look at all the bridges and overpasses that we use every day. Then look at how many of those are on the roads to eastern Oregon, not to mention the roadbeds themselves that are hanging onto the side of a hill. I suspect that hwy 22 on the way to Detroit will be impassable. I'm thinking it will be the same for any of the roads that go through the cascades. That also brings up the question of replenishing basic supplies for everyone.

    Just something to think about.
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  6. ArgyleAdams

    ArgyleAdams Portland, OR Active Member

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    Think of how quickly the highways clog up everyday when people are gripped by the panic that ensures when they want to get home from work. Add something to actually panic about to that and there will be way more idiotic driving, vehicular accidents and road rage gumming up the works. I think an exit strategy that doesn't require major roads (or perhaps any roads at all) and getting out soon (a couple of days maximum) is your best bet. The longer you wait, the more likely your paths of egress will be blocked (be it by gangs or "officials" with your "best interests" in mind).

    Sent from my phone; typos likely.
  7. huthuthike

    huthuthike Hillsboro OR Active Member

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    I've thought about this as well. I am assuming that in the case of major earthquake, highways will be unusable due to bridge, tunnel or overpass collapse. The surface streets around me (Hillsboro) may also have bridge failures, water management failures or simple tree falls. The idea that I could leave by car seems remote.

    In the case of general panic, all of the choke points we currently use each day may be congested or impassable due to accidents or barricade/force - I look at the Berlin Wall for an example of what could happen - the initial closure took less than 12 hours then was reinforced making movement very difficult. Again, it seems unlikely that I would be able to leave by car.

    Taking inspiration from anywhere - The Zombie Survival Guide basically says that your best bet is to see the problem before everyone else and leave quickly. I think the same applies here... Good Luck!
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  8. rocky3

    rocky3 oregon coast Active Member

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    The Zombie Survival Guide basically says that your best bet is to see the problem before everyone else and leave quickly. I think the same applies here... Good Luck![/QUOTE]
    I would sit out a few weeks before bugging out. Have vehiicle filled with gas and extra on board with all necessary provisions. Let the crazies do what they do and than leave. Being shot at will be common, have extra spare tires with you.
  9. mortar maggot

    mortar maggot western wa Active Member

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    Enemy invasion, not going to happen, but if it did, Springfield is not a crucial point to take the first day, you will have time to get out of dodge.

    Financial collapse, does not happen overnight there will be a lead up, when things are starting to go bad, keep car full of gas and a GHB, and your carry gun no problem, the real problems come weeks down the road when there is no food left.

    Disease, unless the epi-center is Eugene/Springfield you will have several days-weeks of warning.

    Weather- there will be lots of warning's look at Sandy, Katrina, about a week to prep.

    Earthquake-always keep gas in car do not get to low, roads will be jammed, bridges, may collapse and limit access, have alternate routes and be ready to walk. If your BOL is 2-300 miles away you just may not make it there, less than 30 miles you can walk pretty easily, the "me or him" mentality won't be kicking in for a little bit
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  10. aj82

    aj82 graham Member

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    i'm in a similar boat as the OP in that my current home is not at all paractical for fortification or even long term supply storage. of course i have and am constantly trying to keep home as ready as much as i can in the event leaving doesnt seem like the smartest idea given the scenario. in my case i already have enough fuel to get me around 900-1000 miles with my truck. so, regardless of the scenario my plan is: shake off any shellshock, try to gather as much intel as possible regarding what happened and how far reaching the damage is, then based on the information i can gather i would prefer to be on the road headed to what i consider a safe place within 8-12 hrs of whatever event might occur. ultimately i think having any plan at all is better than just reacting off of adrenal/fear. i assume no matter how well made my plans are murphy will show up with his stupid law and throw some curveballs.
  11. Grunwald

    Grunwald Out of that nut job colony of Seattle, WA Well-Known Member

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    I think you're right on everything but the financial collapse not happening suddenly. It will be just like when Lehman Brothers failed. People woke up to a crisis.
    The thing is that that you are actually right about there being signs. Problem is that the signs are aleady here. Think of it as a wooden plank that has people going onto it. They can feel it springing and flexing but until it snaps evryone thinks that everything is OK. Once it snaps, anyone that was on it is falling.
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  12. mrblond

    mrblond Salem OR Well-Known Member

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    I think what his meaning was that the end wont happen right away, it will take a few weeks/months for things to get bad. I think it took a year or more after the stock market crash before the great depression started.
  13. aslinged

    aslinged Southern Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Sounds like the OPs BOL is in eastern Oregon? I'd take a good look at a mule, go take a class on how to pack it and tend for it along the way. Even if you viewed the mule as 'disposable,' which I would never advocate but even if you did a good mule will get you 200 or 300 miles over mountains, deserts, forests and whatever else with minimal care. Again, I think that is a low down way to treat an animal but if we're talking SHTF then you gotta do what you gotta do. Second, look at a dual sport bike. More to the point, Springfield is just about as good a 'city' as I can think of to have to escape from. You're butted right up against the woods, low population density, Eugene is a fairly peaceful place so hordes of gangs would not form overnight, there's virtually zero strategic value to the area. In fact, it's hard for me to imagine a situation where you'd realistically have to make a hasty exit. You'll have time. Wait two or three weeks. The two worst times are projected, or understood to be, at the moment of disaster and then later when people really start to get feral. The in-between window is your best bet in everything but imminent total disaster.
  14. notazombie

    notazombie Hillsboro->Marsing Well-Known Member

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    I think Mortal Maggot made some great points. There's not going to be any real surprises. The only exception, I think, would be an earthquake. If I were in a situation where digging in was not possible I think a good option would be a 4stroke dual sport bike with an extended range tank and saddlebags. I'd want to get as far as I can as fast as I can. I would expect that roads would be nearly impassible in urban areas due gridlock. Bridges and tunnels would be obvious bottlenecks. To go a step further, I think a small cargo trailer would come in really handy. Something similar to what the Goldwing crowd likes but with higher ground clearance so you could go offroad. It wouldn't need to be very big (4'x4'x3'?). Just room for some extra fuel, camping gear, maybe even a small chainsaw -- basically any stuff that doesn't fit in your backpack or saddlebags. If necessary, ditch the trailer and just keep going.
  15. DSAPT9

    DSAPT9 North Idaho Gold Supporter Gold Supporter

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    All of you have some good points. I agree you need to look at all the routs to where you want to go including hunting/logging roads. They may be a bit slower speed wise but in the long run faster with less people. Take side roads home from work now before anything happens and look for not only best paths to drive but also to walk as well.

    Google earth is great to look at to find possible paths to where you want to go. It shows bridges, logging roads and all the location that could be bottle necks but remember some of the pics could be a year or two old and may have changed when you need them (Murphy’s law).

    Weather could close them down as well so plane more than one rout.

    When to get out will depend on the disaster at hand in a RED DAWN with paratroopers landing is a GET OUT NOW situation but I think you know that.

    Economic collapse I feel could happen over night all that has to happen is China and other countries stop buying our debt and within 24 hours we could not pay our bills and the dollar would be worth nothing. I feel it would still take a day or two of disbelief before the masses panic but when the ATM stops working it will hit.

    Massive disease outbreak will depend on the disease and how fast it hits. Many times there is an incubation period of a few days and you may be infected before anybody gets sick if it is in the next town then head for the hills before it gets to your town.

    So in my opinion looking at what you and others have stated I would bail within 48 hours if possible as I feel after that gangs, military or small towns could be some what prepared for an influx of people and may stop you from going through or around to get to your bug out location.
  16. Asavage270

    Asavage270 eugene Active Member

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  17. Asavage270

    Asavage270 eugene Active Member

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    quote fail...
  18. leadcounsel

    leadcounsel Spanaway Member

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    Yeah, you and a million others.

    I'd say bug in unless you absolutely MUST leave. Buggin in means more safety, all your preps, water, shelter, etc.

    Bugging out means you rely upon roads, and have no real shelter, security or safety. In the military we are taught that you are most vulerable while you are outside your camp/base and on the move.

    Small mechanical failures, such as a flat tire or thrown belt or running out of fuel, leaves you completely stuck. You'd subject to carjacking, pirates... heck a handful of nails in the highway will immobilize you. Someone with a rifle or 12 gauge on the side of the road can immobilize your car engine and/or eliminate all of your passengers....

    Ever drive in rush hour traffic. It's a standstill. Now tripple it and add NO RULES of the road. Total violent chaos.

    Bug in my friend.
  19. mjbskwim

    mjbskwim Salmon,Idaho Well-Known Member

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    I've said this in these threads before.And there has been quite a few,but it doesn't matter. This stuff is what some like/need to talk about.

    There is WAY too much talk about this in these times. Everybody has at least heard "rumors". They are 'thinking' about this stuff.No,not reacting,just thinking.They will be the ones that storm the stores for their 'supplies'.
    They will be the ones that will panic and 'bug out' early,clogging the roads.
    They will cause the most disruption.

    So they way I see it.
    Have a place. A storage unit,a rented garage,a friend or relative's back lot,to put some supplies. Away from the cities.
    Then keep up on the news.Watch the trends to see which ones are coming up closer together. What is spiking and what is free falling?
    What are the cops and military doing?

    Have a set route to that storage place. Maybe this isn't the only unit you have?
    When the news looks really depressing, take a few days to practice running that route.Money news is terrible? Take about 90% out of the bank and BUG OUT.
    Nothing happened? Put the money back,or not.

    Practice what you would do. Don't wait until it's too late,practice when you don't like the news
    Watch the military bases.What kinds of drills are they doing?

    You just get a 2 hour jump and you are home free. You get a 24 hour jump and you look like a genius.
    Nothing happens? Go home and resume your life and you look like you took the weekend out of town.
    Nobody knows it was a trial run.
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  20. branchbuster

    branchbuster Albany Active Member

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    I suggest that you have a good mountain bike available. A person is good shape can cover 30 to 80 miles in a day. This is of course dependent on the situation.
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