Traveling (flying) with a handgun experiences?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Moo, Feb 22, 2013.

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    I'm curious if anyone has had the experience of flying with a handgun, to carry concealed, in a different state (a state which accepts OR CCL). I know you must place your gun in checked luggage in a hard case and locked. The baggage handlers and TSA don't exactly have a reliable track record so I wonder if anyone has flown before with the purpose of carrying in a different state and will share their thoughts.

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    I flew From Oregon to Louisiana with three handguns with absolutely no problem. I was worried something might happen to them but the worry was unfounded. I filled the form out, locked them in a hard case, and turned them in to TSA. TSA then verified the contents and re-locked everything attaching a special tag to the hard case. The hard case popped out of the luggage carousel with the rest of my bags when I arrived in New Orleans. On the way back I had to pick the guns up at baggage claim. I had no problems in either direction. I traveled just last year. I took them to shoot with my brother rather than to carry them. We have a competition every time we get together, the winner gets to relentlessly talk smack until the next shoot. It gets brutal.
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    go onto the airlines you are flying with and make a copy of their rules they differ between some of the airlines, dhs doesn't always know the laws so you have to be up on them and once again have a copy with you when you fly.
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    I've flown lots of times with a declared handgun in my checked luggage per the rules. So far, no problems. I do worry about the luggage or the contents getting permanently lost and how much hassle it would be to get reimbursed.
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    The most important thing is your connections, more specifically if they are "unfriendly" territory (Chicago, New York, or any other state that does not honor your CPL. In the event you have any flight complications and find yourself needing overnight accommodations you could be in a world of hurt having a firearm in your possession.

    I flew last year to FL nonstop from Seattle with the intention of CC in FL. No problems at either Seatac or Orlando airports. Make sure you read the regs on how to pack the firearm and ammo. There are specific rules about the box for both the gun and ammo. Process through TSA was easy, I did hightail it to baggage claim to get my bag however. :cool:
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    Being certified for LEOSA carry in all states, I often travel with a handgun checked in luggage, per TSA regulations. In fact, the only times I don't take a gun with me is when I go overseas. I've only had one problem and that was with a rookie TSA person at San Jose (CA) airport, who over reacted when I said the "G" word, despite presenting my police credentials. It was early in the TSA program and after our little curb-side training session, I continued on my travels with no further problems.
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    just notify your airline that it's in your bag, they usually have a little form you fill out and place inside the bag with the firearm. if your plane happens to detour to a non gun friendly area ( NYC , chicago etc) then do not claim your bag. notify the airline rep that you have a firearm inside the bag and they need to keep possession of the luggage.
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    Several years ago I had to fly from PDX to Minneapolis then to Duluth to rescue my step daughter from an abusive relationship. Missed my connection in the hub city so my luggage arrived late in Duluth. They delivered them to me. I had the delivery person wait and verify the handgun was in the bag. The supervisor was in the car and demanded to know what the holdup was. I told her there was a gun in my luggage and I wanted someone there to verify it. Man did that set her off, luckily there was also a minister there and he told her to get lost and he was filing a complaint about her attitude!!
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    I fly Alaska Airlines to Idaho every week and always take my pistol with me. I have a small slim hard sided case that fits in my duffel. I put my LCP, with the empty magazine in the pistol, in the Ruger Rug that came with it, along with 25 rounds of Critical Defense (and usually my pocket knife) in the padded foam case. When I get to the airport, I go up to the counter to check my bag and say that I have a firearm to declare. The person behind the counter gives me a little slip that I sign and date, then I tear off the top copy and hold on to it, then take the bottom copy and put it inside the case and lock it with a cheap padlock (I figure that if they really want to get into the case, they will so why add more weight to my bag with a bulky master lock). I then go to the oversize baggage drop off, and an extremely patient, and friendly TSA agent will be there waiting. I give them the slip and my duffel. They tell me not to touch anything, which includes scratching my a*s and they take that swab thing and swab the inside and outside of my bag and put it in that machine that checks for explosive traces. I put locks on my duffel, and usually they are cool with me doing that when they have finished as long as I don't open the bag. I have them tape the handles together, then they send it off. Last week though, the agent took everything out of my bag and checked it, which took a good 20 mins. He did do a pretty good job of reppacking everything, but wouldn't let me put my TSA approved luggage locks on it like I usually do, but he did ziptie the zippers together for me. It's generally a pretty quick and painless process all together. You can carry up to 14 lbs of ammo in a checked bag, and it has to be in its original container or an approved container for holding ammunition. I like to have my ammo and pistol in the same case to keep it all together, but sometimes I'll find a good deal on ammo when I'm traveling, and I'll just put it in my checked bag. I was at cabelas and saw these: Cabela's: Plano® Molded Pistol Case – Black
    They're a pretty compact way to carry a pistol in your checked bag, and don't take up much room. They have three sizes, the smallest being just big enough for an LCP or .38 J Frame, and the largest big enough to hold a Glock 21 or full size 1911.

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