These should go as a set...but can split.

Early 70's spanish manufacture (Jukar) .45 cal Kentucky rifle with the full 2pc stock and
a .41 cal smooth bore deringer. Both are percussion, both go bang and shoot. Both are Jukars
Neither one of these are beauty queens, more like ugly Betty's! Others prior to me have attempted refinishes, re blues,
Lost screws ect. I have sourced missing parts, all there EXCEPT a ram rod for the .45.
The .45, as ugly and foreign as it is, has a reputation for being excellent/accurate shooters. It sports a 33 inch barrel.
The .41 smooth bore.... well, I got that to do some rondy events and was loading it more like a shotgun
and doing well in that event. It does launch a .400 round ball just fine,
Both guns come with respective round ball molds, both single cavity (.440 & .400)
PM any questions,
$300 for whats in the pictures,possibly open to trade offers, PT me your trade offers! can always use .22 handguns/rifles, mossberg 500 12ga, glock 17 mags, every guy should have a 30-30, I dont at this time! So pretty open minded. Looking for a Charter arms 44 spec. bulldog
cash, FTF, Tualatin days and newberg evenings.

IMG_2980.jpg IMG_2981-1.jpg
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