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Trading Firearms?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by charlesebow, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. charlesebow

    charlesebow Klamath New Member

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    I have a guy that wants to trade me a SW40E for a bow that I have. My question is if I do the trade do I have to do anything to show the pistol now belongs to me? I have never owned a handgun before just long guns so not sure if the laws are different. Oh, we are both oregon residents.
  2. CVMustang

    CVMustang Hillsboro Member

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    No need for registration on private party sales/trades. Happy shooting.
  3. sbarclay71

    sbarclay71 salem Member

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    It just depends on if you want big brother to know you have it. The state of oregon does not have a manditory firearms registration for private parties(unless one or another has a FFL).The only thing I would strongly suggest would be to right out a bill of trade and make sure the other guys correct name and odl# is on it (be sure to verify).

    Hope's this helps

    Good luck
  4. bugeye

    bugeye Oregon Well-Known Member

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    For your mutual protection a bill of sale, or trade showing the dates and times of the transfer with the weapons referenced by their make and model numbers, signed and dated by both parties, would be good to have, just in case.

    Yeah, as sbarclay71 says, use the ODL numbers.