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Trading firearms vs buying/selling

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by brandnew, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. brandnew

    brandnew PNW Member

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    I've noticed that a lot of people are only interested in trading a firearm for another, and I'm really curious why. Is it just because you just want to do one transaction instead of two, or is it because there are fewer laws to consider when money isn't involved?
  2. finch6013

    finch6013 Oregon City Active Member

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    I'm interested to see what peoples replies are. I just traded gun for some pistols that I wanted, and the other person didn't want cash. only a trade.
  3. beavernation1

    beavernation1 Salem Member

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    Quite honestly the reason I prefer it is because if my wife finds out I sold one and got money for it that I should use it on family stuff rather than replacing the one sold which is the only reason it was sold to begin with was to replace it...not to mention I myself may "change" my own mind and get something I wasn't looking to buy in the beginning.:paranoid:
  4. Weebs

    Weebs Clackamas County Member

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    I prefer 1 transaction instead of 2/3

    Also sometimes you have a gun that someone really wants so they're willing to make you a deal and vise versa.

    Like beavernation1 said, cash has other priorities. If I had cash I'd probably use it on food or gas for the car... where's the fun in that?
  5. Nightshade

    Nightshade vancouver,WA Well-Known Member

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    I agree with weebs and beavernation. money goes in the pot trades stay home.
  6. bnr32gtr

    bnr32gtr Vancouver, WA Member

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    A lot of folks I know trade cause they don't have the cash for what they'd like to get. I do this at shows fairly often as I can get something of equal value without any cash out.

    Getting rid of something and getting what you wanted in return is easier than selling to a wishy washy person, then trying to dicker with a seller. Trading is one transaction, as stated above.

    Also, you'll notice many individuals are trying to trade up. Several lesser items for one, "better"(read more expensive) item.

    For me, trading is FUN! I meet some great individuals in bartering and have made some wonderful contacts!

    On a side note, from the responses above, "I can't wait to get married...."
  7. JumpWing

    JumpWing NK WA Member

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    If you have something worth $300 cash, it might be worth a $500 item to someone else.
  8. hapuna

    hapuna Seattle, WA Member

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    I actually sold something I was hoping to trade and now I have to deal with the cash as I haven't found the gun I want. Already lost $50. Hope I can hold on to the rest!!!:(
  9. Logical1

    Logical1 southeast portland, OR Member

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    I think trading is actually the best like many of you have already stated.
    1. you get to give to someone who actually may want what you have more then you.
    2. you actually get something you wanted more than what you have.
    3. money doesnt leave your budget, and you might be able to buy ammo for the new weapon you get, if the person didnt give some to you in the first place (most of them give some rounds to go, kinda like a onion ring in your french fries when you leave the drive thru) so you leave extra happy.
    4. the value of cash is the value of cash, the value of something you want or something you can trade may be more or less because of what they have or want and its actually okay because your still happy, their still happy. it takes two to trade.
    5. I think you earn Karma points too because its usually done with good will
    just my 2 cents
  10. finch6013

    finch6013 Oregon City Active Member

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    I just recently learned about trading firearms through a deal with yotehunter and what you said describes it perfectly. I enjoyed trading and I will do it agian when I get bored with what I recently aquired