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    Got a Glock 19 Gen4 that I'm putting up for sale. In "like new" condition, I've run 250 rounds through it (Remington UMC, Blazer Brass, Remington 147gr Subsonic, Remington 115gr JHP and Speer Gold Dots 124gr +p one box of 50 each), just enough to know that it is reliable and does NOT have the ejection/feeding issues some of the Gen4 guns have. It just doesn't feel right in my hands, so it's got to go.

    I am the original owner. Standard Glock plastic case, manual, sights, 2 backstraps, 2 backstrap pins, and 3 mags.

    No pics, as it looks just like every other Glock 19.

    FTF in the Greater PDX area.


    Only trades I'd be interested in are a S&W M&P9 or 9c, or a reputable 9mm 1911 reliable enough for carry, with beavertail rather than G.I. grip safety and no internal locks (RIA Tactical, STI Spartan, Kimber, Colt, Springfield, S&W, would consider Taurus with new hammer and lock removed, etc)(which I know is unlikely, but hey, never know if you don't ask...), offered straight across, as I don't have cash to add at the moment. I could add 9mm or .45 bullets, a new set of Lyman 9mm dies with crimp die, or small pistol primers, however, if you're a reloader, to make up some difference in value.
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