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This is a Savage 110 in 300 Win Mag. Specifically this is the 110GXP3 with Accutrigger, see this link for more specs and a quote to see what it goes for ($700 or so) www.GalleryOfGuns.com - Gun Genie - Davidson's most popular and powerful search engine to find and buy guns at galleryofguns.com . The Bushnell on it came as part of the package and is a 3-9x40. Manuals for rifle and scope are included. The Accutrigger is a great feature and makes for a nice trigger pull.

I picked this up from the original buyer in unfired condition. I put 20 rounds through it sighting in and practicing, and another 2 to confirm aim at the start of my hunting trip (unfortunately the only thing this dropped was a small propane cylinder at 100 yards). So this will come with 18 rounds of 180 grain Winchester Ballistic Silvertip and 22 empties. I placed next to a 30-06 and a .223 for comparison.

This has a LimbSaver recoil pad on it which makes a huge difference compared to the original one, especially helpful with this caliber. These are almost $40 on Midway, money well spent if you plan on doing much shooting. Original is included too.

Looking for $550.

PM me with questions or offers. Thanks.

Got skunked on elk this year so instead of letting this sit in the safe for a year Im looking to get another pistol which I can actually use at my range. Willing to consider package deals, can go up or down on cash for the right deals. A full size 1911 (caliber flexible) would be top of the list, but an accurate .22 would be close behind, I'm also interested in a Saiga 12 or possibly a more conventional autoloader. Im open to other pistols or AR parts too, try me. Not in a hurry, Id be happy to take this to the woods next year, just itching for a new toy.






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