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    I have up for trade a Winchester 12ga 1300 defender with a 7+1 capacity. The date of manufacture is between 93' and 95' from what I can tell from Winchesters dating guide on their website. The gun is in good shape. the bluing is all there except for a small ding on the end of the barrel and there are no nicks or scratches in the wood furniture. It's seen around 300 or so rounds through it with no malfunctions and was purchased unfired from the original owner by me. I'm only looking to trade at the moment. If I decide to sell I will change the ad to reflect that. The only pictures I am capable of providing would be a crappy cell phone pic sent through text which I am more than happy to do if you PM me your number. Any info I left out, questions, or offers please PM.
    Trades I'm interested in:

    Remington 870 18" or 20" barrel only
    bolt action .22lr ( no single shot)
    Ruger blackhawk or other .357mag/.38spcl revolver (Single or double action, but no taurus please)
    7.62x39 ammo ( non corrosive)
    Trades are listed in order of importance

    Thanks for looking,
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    Does it look like this???? If it does, I am VERY interested in purchasing as I don't have what you want to trade. Any idea of a cash price? Thanks.

    imgur: the simple image sharer

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