WTT WA Traded!!!!!!!!Winchester LRH 300 win mag

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    DSCF5076.JPG DSCF5075.JPG DSCF5077.JPG The LRH came with a H-S Precision stock that was pillar bedded and had an aluminum bedding block. Instead of having to send it off to a gunsmith or glass bedding it in some do it your self project, it was ready to go. The barrel was free floated and the bedding block gave a solid bedding that would not wear out or break down over time from recoil or solvents and oil.The barrel was non SS and was 24 inches long with a medium heavy target taper to .950 at the muzzle with a very nice recessed target crown.The scope is a SWFA with Japanese glass these are great scopes and were a contract build for the Navy it was mounted correctly by clark county gunsmithing. This rifle was made to hit small things at long distances. comes with a box of ammo. The rifle has been shot very little no more than 50 rounds down the pipe. Would like to trade for a AR 15 colt 1911 or old smith and Wesson revolvers call Rodger if interested 360-977-3243 thanks
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