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    This is currently being traded, will close it when the trade goes through
    Thank you for looking!
    As a side note, I have an EAA witness and a browning Auto 5 for sale, too.

    I have a FEG PJK-9HP (9mm)(hi-power copy) for sale or trade $400.00 obo
    Made in Hungry. Imported by KBI, Inc. Harrisburg Pa

    The serial numbers on the slide and barrel match. 89XXX

    I believe I am the original owner, purchased it back in December 2000. I have 3 magazines. I don't have the original box, it was Styrofoam, did not survive the years.
    Round Count, about 35 rounds down range.
    I bought it because I thought I wanted a Hi-Power. However, it just does not fit me. Don't enjoy shooting it. Prefer my 1911 or my Sigs, or even my glock.

    The grips are original plastic. The bluing is still pretty good, there are a few scrapes. There are dings just above the trigger and under the slide release. Right were the pin that holds the trigger to the frame. I have never taken the trigger out, so I believe it came with them. The mags don't fall out upon release, but it has always done that.

    As far as trades are concerned, looking for a .357 revolver, short barrel, although other things may strike my fancy.
    If you are interested, PM me here

    So, for the "paper work". FTF Oregon, bill of sale. Will travel as far as Salem, or equal distance east or west. I am in the Hillsboro, Beaverton, West Portland area.
    If you want it shipped, you pay all the cost.
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