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Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by 40calruler, Sep 19, 2012.

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    Traded for this pistol today and although it is ideal as a heavy metal framed 9mm and when I took it to the range I was in dreamland as far as accuracy at 50 feet punching holes in the center of the target. Problem is with my cane in one hand due to a bad knee other than the range I cannot carry this pull, fire one handed easily if need be. Gun is 95-98%, factory box, manual, 4 mags, 2 10 round 2 15
    The Guy who traded me this gave me an amazing deal and I am thankful for even getting to shoot one of these but still I need a 9mm I can carry as right now I just have the browning bda .380 that is for trade on here. If I get a good carry gun offer for that I will probably keep this as I have never owned a gun close to this value or quality. I will entertain multiple gun offers for this and my Browning BDA full size .380 made by beretta. Then you can own the little brother too. Although the 380 is not so much a little brother at 13 rounds and two mags. It is smaller though!

    I would trade for something I can carry and that has double action for a one handed defense if needed. I want a hammer and SA/DA. Maybe a bit smaller than this would be ok as I do not need to be able to shoot out someones eye at 75 feet. A metal framed reliable high end concealed carry 9mm is the preference here. I would do two guns as well as long as one is a 9mm carry or even a 40 and maybe a revolver along with it if the guns are not of a high value such as this Browning or a good carry and a nice .22 pistol for plinking. Specs can be seen here Hi-Power Mark III, , Browning Firearms Product

    If not a pistol or pistols then a AR/AK for plinking or a seiga 12 guage, a nice lever action and a /22 pistol or rifle tactical prefered in rifle, open to offers of equal value that I have not thought of here. If nothing to trade I will offer at 675 which is low for these guns. Try finding one for under 8 in this condition. Luckily the good man who traded me this had a good camera cause mine would not do this piece justice.
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